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Capricorn Garden Ideas For Your Raised Garden Bed

By Victoria Fuller

It is officially Capricorn season! Whether you have the sea-goat as your sun, moon, rising sign, or anywhere else on your zodiac chart we thought it would be interesting to dive into some of the traditional Capricorn traits and see how that would translate over to designing a raised garden bed with these plants and attributes in mind!

Capricorn Goat

For those of you who are avid gardeners but aren’t too interested in the world of Zodiac signs, this post will still be handy to provide you some inspiration and perhaps to spark some astrological creativity in your garden!

Those born between December 22nd and January 19th have Capricorn as their sun sign, and it’s a possibility that you may have this sign in your zodiac chart as well (this is determined by the precise time and location of your birth) so even if you are not born within this time frame there is a chance that the sea-goat could still have an impact on some of your traits (if you choose to believe in that sort of thing!). 

Zodiac Stars

Capricorn generally have the following personality traits:

Practical, disciplined, mature, stoic, ambitious, and self-reliant! Now this sounds to us like the makings of a perfect gardener! Capricorn is also an “Earth” sign, so this surely would translate over to those with this star sign having the greenest of thumbs!

This star sign is represented by the mythological sea-goat, a creature with the head of a goat and the tail of a fish. The sea-goat is a myth found in different cultures like Ancient Greek, Latin, and Egyptian, among others.

This great article from Cosmopolitan explores Capricorn and other zodiac signs. It's an excellent source for more information if you would like to learn more about your own zodiac sign!

Zodiac Chart

When we consider that it is December/January during Capricorn season this does slightly limit our gardening options (especially for those of us living in chillier climates). With this in mind we have made overall recommendations that we feel embody the traits of the sea-goat as opposed to the actual gardening season where they reside.

So without further ado here are our recommendations for your horoscope garden:


Did you know that each zodiac sign has its own flower? Those who have Capricorn as their sun sign are blessed to have the beautiful Pansy as their star sign flower! The Pansy is known to symbolize beauty and thoughtfulness, two traits that this sign prioritizes! Growing Pansies in the Winter months can be tricky but you can absolutely grow them indoors providing you keep their soil within the 7-20 degree celsius range!



The beautiful and festive Holly is (understandably) one of the flowers that represent those who are born in the month of December (which encompasses plenty of Capricorns!). This makes perfect sense for this star sign as this star sign can be known to be a little stubborn and stoic, and although Holly is a beautiful plant with stunning berries and shades, it can be a little prickly and harm its admirers unintentionally!



These beautiful and delicate flowers represent rebirth, fertility, rebirth, and hope. This makes perfect sense as many Capricorns have birthdays at the very beginning of the new year, consider including some Snowdrops in your horoscope garden to start the new year on the right foot!



For those January Capricorns, the beautiful blooming Carnation is your month’s birth flower! These colourful flowers have a reputation of longevity and resilience, two traits that all Earth signs are known to value greatly! Carnations also are known to symbolize love and determination so it makes perfect sense to include them in your zodiac garden!


So there we have it, four flower recommendations for your Capricorn garden. We would absolutely love to see your spin on a Zodiac garden (especially if it happens to be in one of our Raised Garden Beds or Planter Boxes!) so please feel free to email us your photos at or DM us on our Instagram page! Also please let us know if you are a Capricorn and happen to agree or disagree with our botanical recommendations, we love to hear from you!

Cedar Planters Raised Garden Bed

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