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Decorating your Planter Box for Winter

By Victoria Fuller

It’s the most beautiful time of the year! Fairy lights and inflatable Disney characters adorn our lawns and front doors, but why should they have all the fun? We think that your planter boxes and raised garden beds deserve to have their own moment in the seasonal spotlight, so without further ado here are our recommendations for decorating your Cedar Planter this month:

Raised Garden Bed


Tis the season for holiday decorations galore! Whichever holiday you celebrate this time of year (if any at all) there are an abundance of options for you to express yourself and your style with your planter box! Add some coloured tinsel, baubles, glitter, string lights, stars, pinecones, anything you can imagine!


Perhaps you are looking to lean into the “Winter Forest” theme, in which case we would recommend adoring your planter box with pine cones, firs, ornamental grasses, and logs! Also you can use your planter box to store firewood as a functional and decorative option!  

Pinecones Winter


If you’re looking to actually utilize the planting ability of your box then we would highly recommend planting some winter-resistant shrubs or planting some bulbs in your planter box! We have a great blog post here with all of the tips and tricks to keep in mind when winter gardening!


Using wreaths and garlands to adorn your planter box is a beautiful and timeless way to add some colour and beauty to your planter box. You can buy pre-made wreaths and garlands at garden centers, but if you aren’t in the mood for any maintenance you can buy artificial versions at craft store which will be useful for years to come! There are also plenty of cool DIY ideas for making your own wreath at home which would not only make for a fun craft afternoon but would also be an excellent talking point! Check out this article here from the incredible Martha Stewart for some inspiration! 

Winter Wreath


A whimsical way to add some romance and character to your raised garden bed is by including some artificial candles! You can buy all-weather varieties that come in a whole range of styles and colours so you are certain to find some that suit your personal style! Imagine how beautiful your outdoor space will look with your own beautiful candle show!


If you are looking to simply make the most of the beautiful Western Red Cedar that makes up your Cedar Planters raised garden bed then look no further than the Osmos colour stain kits (available on our website here!). This incredible product not only elevates the colour of your raised garden bed to truly stunning new levels but it also helps extend the life of your product as well! Talk about a win win! 

Osmo's Stain


Perhaps you are in the mood for a more practical (and protective) approach and for that we applaud you! We have a range of Winter covers designed to withstand a whole plethora of elements and keep your investment looking good as new come the springtime! We have covers for each size of our raised garden beds and planter boxes available here

Raised Garden Cover

Overall we strongly feel that your garden has the potential to be true expression of your personality and personal style. Have some fun with it and think outside the (planter) box! As always we would love to hear from you and see some of the cool designs that you come up with for your raised garden bed! Feel free to send us your photos to

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