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Fall Gardening Tips

By Victoria Fuller

Ahhh Fall, we made it! It’s finally here! Fall is arguably the most popular season in North America, with various polls and surveys reporting that in most cases around 40% of adults state that Autumn is their favourite season, and to be fair we can completely understand and respect this. The majority of the most irritating insects are gone, we get to cosy up with comfy sweaters and scarves, pumpkin spice everything lines the shelves and the holiday season is just around the corner. The only real downside to Fall that springs to mind is that for the most part this means that the gardening season is over, or at least winding down…or is it?

For this week’s blog we want to shine a spotlight on some tips and ideas to keep gardening through Fall and beyond! Just because it’s a little chilly outside doesn’t mean that it’s time to hang up your gardening gloves just yet!

1. Make a Fall gardening plan

The gardening season is far from over and now is the perfect time to sit down (cozy warm beverage optional but encouraged) and think about what you would like to achieve over the coming months. Do some research into which gardening zone you live in so you can plan accordingly and keep an eye on the Cedar Planters blog for some ideas of plants, vegetables, and herbs that you can plant in the upcoming months.

2. Make the most of your Summer harvests

Tis the season to make soup! Get your wicker basket ready and start twisting, plucking, and picking because you are going to want to harvest the majority of your herbs and vegetables before we start getting frosts. It is also good to note that certain crops can continue ripening after they have been harvested (such as tomatoes!)

3. Remove Weeds/The plants of yesteryear

Removing weeds at the end/beginning of each season is a great way to ensure that your soil and plants are going to be retaining the nutrients that they need to succeed! 

4. Get tidying

This is the perfect time of year to revamp your soil (adding mulch and replenishing your soil is also a great way to insulate and nourish your plants in the upcoming cooler months!), collect any wayward leaves, and start this growing season with a nice clean slate.

5. Transplant certain plants indoors

Certain plants (such as Rosemary, Begonias, and Geraniums) can be easily moved indoors to continue thriving throughout the cooler months! If you have some plants or crops that you are particularly fond of it’s absolutely worth checking to see if they can be transplanted, this will also save you some time in the Spring when it’s time to head back outdoors!

6.Decorate for Fall!

This is the most fun and the most popular part of this list! Fall arguably has the best decor to back it up, we can get spooky for halloween or we can get leafy and orange for thanksgiving. However you want to decorate your space this season will definitely have some great options for you!

We hope this little list inspires you a little bit to keep gardening! We should all be devoting our time to the things that make us happy, and if gardening makes us happy we shouldn’t let something as simple as the title at the top of the calendar dictate whether or not we keep digging!

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