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Halloween Decoration ideas for your garden

By Victoria Fuller

Happy Hallows Eve one and all! Whether you celebrate all things spooky or not, this holiday arguably comes with one of the best arrays of decor! Below you will find some easy and fun ways to decorate your planter box with items that you may already have around the house in celebration of this ghoulish evening!

Simple Pumpkins

Pumpkins take up to 120 days to grow so unless you had the foresight to plant your orange pals way back in June chances are you might not have any of your own pumpkins to use as decor, thankfully almost all grocery stores currently have pumpkins (real or plastic!) available to decorate with!

Spooky Ghosts

When thinking of “traditional Halloween costumes” it’s likely that one of the first ideas that springs to mind is that of the noble ghost! So why not spookify your planter box and add some little cardboard ghost cutouts to add a poltergeist vibe! Or perhaps you could drape some ghoulish fabric around your planter box to imply that the box itself is haunted! Flowers to compliment your spooky ghost planter box could be white Chrysanthemums or Dahlias.

Eerie Skeletons

What could be more uncanny than a skeleton welcoming your friends and family to your home by decorating your raised garden bed? Adding a plastic skeleton into your existing garden bed is a frightening (and reusable!) way to embrace this scary season.

Witchy Vibes

If you are more interested in the celestial and mystical than the down right spooky then perhaps a witchy vibe is for you! You could add a witches hat and some black tulle or really up the ante with a replica crystal ball set up! Flowers that would suit a witchy set-up could be Gladiolus or Roses (black, white, or red would all help complete the look!). 

Autumnal Vibes

Perhaps spooky things aren’t up your street, in which case we would recommend adding some fall-esque decorations to your planter box! Artificial flowers and leaves in seasonal colours are a great choice for those of us in chillier climates, and for those of us in warmer areas where plants are still thriving a beautiful array of Chrysanthemums and Poinsettias is a beautiful way to brighten up your outdoor space!

We hope that one of these categories appeals to you and we would love to see photos of your decorated raised garden beds! Feel free to send us your Halloween planter box photos to for a chance to be featured on our social media!

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