Indoor Projects To Help You Get Ready For Spring Gardening!

By Victoria Fuller

Spring keeps teasing us with its two-day bouts of above-zero temperatures, but we mustn’t be fooled into thinking that it’s time to start officially gardening outdoors! Although we still have a few more weeks of snow and frost ahead of us here in Canada, there are plenty of indoor gardening projects that we can undertake in order to satisfy our green thumbs!

Indoor Seed Preparation

From planning your 2024 outdoor garden to starting your own little indoor arrangements we are certain there is something for every type of gardener on this list, so let’s dig in!

Gardening With Loved Ones


What could be better than planning your garden? Planning your garden in a beautiful journal or planner that you purchased at your local bookstore (where perhaps you also treated yourself to your favourite hot beverage and a wander through the home decor section, you deserve it!). There are thousands of options for garden planners and journals to suit any style and budget, and we would highly recommend planning out your outdoor space to make the most of your time and area. Here are a few fantastic options that are available at Indigo, and they also have some stunning pots, accessories, and decor to truly elevate your garden!

Garden Planning Journal

When it comes to planning it isn't all about the beautiful leather-bound journal that you bought to plan out your dream garden (although this is absolutely important as well!), there are a couple of important questions to ask yourself: what exactly are you planning on planting? And also why? Think about your options for each other these categories:


  • Vegetables
  • Flowers
  • Herbs
  • Shrubs
  • Bulbs
  • Fruits
  • Succulents
  • A mystery botanical that hasn’t been identified yet?


  • Looking to save money by growing your own food
  • Wanting to cultivate an outdoor space to relax in
  • Growing your own fresh flowers for bouquets all year
  • Having a beautiful outdoor space will make you happy
  • Getting some fresh air and exercise by getting outside in the garden
  • Relieve stress and connect with like-minded fellow gardeners

Growing Vegetables and Plants

Starting Seeds

Living in the great white north means we have to be a little bit more creative when it comes to starting our seeds. We would recommend cultivating seeds indoors (perhaps in a garage or preferably inside the house near a window so your plant babies can get plenty of sunlight), in small pots that have excellent drainage such as the little pots pictures below!

Starting your seeds in miniature pots is a great option for those with limited space, and it will also make your transplanting easier in the coming weeks when it's time to move your plant babies outdoors! It is also worth nothing that many seedling pot options are biodegradable so you can feel fantastic about your environmental impact as well, and you can transplant the entire tray into the soil of your raised garden bed when it comes time to finally get outside!.

Biodegradable Seed Pots

Grow Lamps

If starting your seeds indoors is on your to-do list but you don’t have ample space near a window, we would recommend investing in a nice grow lamp for your seedlings! Grow lamps essentially provide artificial sunlight for your plants (which is essential for those of us who live in some of the cloudiest parts of the country!). Many retailers offer thousands of options so do some research and find a lamp to suit your specific seeds needs! Many grow lamps (such as the UV lamp pictured below!) are a great starting-out option as it also includes a thermometer so you can keep track of whether or not your growing area has the right amount of warmth for your plants while ensuring they are getting the correct amount of the suns rays!

Plants Growing Beneath Indoor Grow Lamps

Mason Jar Herbs

If you are looking for a project that will remain indoors throughout the fast-approaching garden season then we would recommend cultivating your own miniature mason jar herb garden! Using recycled canning jars is a fantastic way to reduce landfill waste and they also double up as a fantastic habitat for your herbs! You can easily label and identify the contents of each jar, the clear glass makes getting enough sunlight a breeze, and they are incredibly easy to store!

Starting a mason jar herb garden is as simple as this five-step system:

  1. Place rocks at the bottom of the jar, this will help prevent your roots from rotting as there will be no drainage from the jar.
  2. Add your chosen soil. Potting soil is a great choice as it is nice and light, fill your jar to within 2 inches of the rim.
  3. Plant seeds or transplant your herbs. Simply sow your seeds and add some potting mix on top, if transplanting simply plant the entire plant complete with roots and ensure the root system is happily snug in the potting mix!
  4. Label your jars! It’s always best to know what you are growing!]
  5. Maintenance. Place your mason jars in a sunny spot for at least six hours every day. Water them with a couple of teaspoons of water every other day.

Mason Jar Herb Garden


We hope that some of these ideas have inspired you! Spring and gardening season may feel distant, but incorporating these indoor gardening ideas into your routine could help satisfy your gardening cravings! Your Cedar Planters garden beds will soon be blooming with the plants you've prepared in advance, and before you know it, your Cedar flower boxes will be blooming with your pre-prepared plants.

Cedar Planters Planter Box

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