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Plants to Grow in August

By Victoria Fuller

As we welcome in another of the Summer months we thought it would be the perfect time to shine a light on some of the flowers and crops that you can still comfortably cultivate this late in the season! It may seem like the time for planting new seeds or planning out a new garden has passed, but we are happy to report that there is still ample time to grow the following plants (amongst many others):


This leafy green is a great vegetable to plant in August as it takes 95 days to mature enough to harvest, now this may sound like a long time but when you consider that this would put the harvest time at the end of October/beginning of November it really isn’t too long at all! Also Kale is a very hardy plant and can survive through frosts!


Radishes are known for being one of the fastest growing crops around and this makes the perfect addition to your August gardening plan! In as little as 30 days from planting these tasty root vegetables will be ready to brighten up your salads!


Some types of cucumbers are ready to harvest in as little as 40 days from planting (Parisian Gherkin and Saladmore varieties are known to be the fastest growing) so planting them in August will set you up for delicious Autumn salad success!


These beautiful blooms are annuals meaning that they will unfortunately only last through one season, however they are quite tolerant of cooler weather so planting them in August means you are likely to still enjoy a couple of months of colourful flowers!


A salad isn’t complete without some delicious spinach leaves to boost the volume and flavour! Thankfully you can grow your own delicious leafy greens in as little as six weeks! Also spinach has been known to handle cooler temperatures a lot better than the heat of the summer sun so now is the time to plant! 

Black-Eyed Susans

These beautiful blooms are perennials meaning that if treated with care and given the right conditions they can keep coming back year after year! This makes them the perfect flower to plant a little later in the season!

We hope that we have inspired you to try and plant some of these delightful plants this August! If you do please feel free to send us your Cedar Planters garden bed photos to

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