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Things to plant in June

By Victoria Fuller

All of a sudden: SUMMER! Just as we finally got into the swing of Spring, Summer has come roaring onto the scene, and with this comes the familiar panic: have I left it too late to start gardening this year? Well we have some good news for all of our green-thumbed friends: whether you already have a blooming oasis or you are just getting started with this season’s gardening, it isn’t too late to start sowing your seeds and planting your produce. Here are several flowers, herbs, and vegetables that you can start cultivating in late June (also it is worth noting that the key to success when starting a little later with your garden is to really ensure that you keep your garden watered, fed, and overall taken care of):


Sunflowers & Wildflowers - These beautiful blooms can be grown by directly sowing the seeds into soil, this is a low-maintenance and inexpensive way to have a beautiful blooming garden within around 8 weeks of sowing your seeds!

Honeysuckle & Hydrangeas - These fragrant flowers can be cultivated by planting a readily established plant into your soil, almost all garden centers are currently selling saplings of this variety and they will start blooming much sooner than growing flowers from seeds!

Cacti & other succulents - If you live in a dry enough climate then having a beautiful cactus garden is a great option! You can purchase most succulents in an infant state and then continue to cultivate them throughout the season!


Dill - This feathery herb absolutely loves being planted in June as it thrives with a soil temperature of around 60 degrees fahrenheit, Dill also doesn’t like to be transplanted so it makes more sense to wait until June to plant it directly into your soil as opposed to attempting to grow it indoors and then transplant it outside.

Parsley - This flavourful herb makes a delicious addition to soups, salads, and sauces, and although it takes 2-4 weeks to germinate (patience is key here: don’t give up!), it actually only takes 6 weeks to mature enough to be plucked! So if you plant this little leafy friend now you’ll be enjoying it by August!

Basil - The ultimate pizza topping and pesto base, Basil is the perfect herb to start cultivating in June with its delicious summery flavour. Basil plants can be transplanted outdoors (or initially planted outdoors) once they are around 2-4 inches tall, they also need ample room to breathe and thrive so ensure to plant them around 12 inches apart! Basil takes around 4-6 weeks to grow so you will be enjoying those tasty leaves before you know it!


Tomatoes - If you decide to cultivate tomatoes by planting a young tomato plant you can expect to start harvesting your fruits within as little as 60 days! That being said if you opt to take the seed route you can still expect to be enjoying your delicious tomatoes in just 8-10 weeks. Tomatoes are a very beginner-friendly plant, they require direct sun (7-8 hours a day if possible), generous and consistent watering, and pruning to keep them happy.

Peppers - Peppers are another plant that grow well from either seed or from a juvenile plant, you can expect to harvest your produce within around 60-90 days of planting (this is for sweet peppers, hot peppers take significantly longer: up to 150 days depending on the variety!). Peppers do grow well outdoors providing the soil remains consistently warm (80-90 degrees fahrenheit) so in many climates you were wise to wait until a little later in the growing season!

Potatoes - Root vegetables tend to thrive best after the last frost has occurred, and (hopefully) June is a safe bet for this for most regions of North America! Potato seeds should be planted around 6 inches deep, watered regularly, and need full sun to thrive. Within as little as ten weeks your new potatoes will be ready to harvest! (Although larger potatoes can take upwards of three months so make sure to check your leaves and progress before you break out the trowel!).

We hope that some of these categories and plants will appeal to your green thumb! As always please feel free to tag us in your posts on social media @cedarplanters, and feel free to email us any photos of your planters or plants that you are proud of at for a chance to be featured on our page! We also just genuinely love chatting about gardening and we are genuinely interested in what our customers are growing! Thank you as always for checking out our blog and we can’t wait to see what you all grow!

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