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Tips for avoiding "Gardening Fatigue"

By Victoria Fuller

Around this time of year it is pretty common for most of us gardeners to start getting a bit of “gardening fatigue” or “gardening burnout”, this has also been described by Morning Chores as “A weariness that builds over time and leaves you indifferent to your otherwise favorite hobby”. With this information in mind we found ourselves wondering “is there a way that we can keep our interest in our favourite pastime at its peak all season long?” and that’s where we come in! Today we are going to be sharing some tips on how you can stay motivated and excited about your garden until the frosts come!

Don’t give up

After months of hard work, it can often feel like “enough is enough”, especially when August is just around the corner and autumnal clothing and media are being advertised non-stop, but that does not mean that the growing season is over and it certainly doesn’t mean that it’s time to throw in the gardening gloves! We still have several months of perfect gardening weather ahead of us so the trick is to stay as motivated as possible! This can come in the form of buying yourself some new gardening gloves at the dollar store, checking our Pinterest for some inspiration from other gardeners who are still gardening this late in the season, or taking a stroll through your local garden centre!

Don’t be too hard on yourself

There is no shame in perhaps not having the most successful crops, flowers, plants or overall harvest as you were perhaps anticipating! Comparing your garden (or any space!) to those that we see on social media or even on our street is bound to give us unrealistic expectations and thus disappointment. Remember that your garden (or planter box) is yours and only yours, make it your own, even if it isn’t “picture perfect” it is still a space that you grew and that is something to be very proud of.

Get a head-start on Autumn clean-up

It’s never too late to start getting organized! Instead of taking on a new project and becoming disheartened or overwhelmed why don’t you start thinking about how to make your garden or outdoor space autumn ready? You could start planning the arrangements that you are going to be growing through the autumn months and into winter (like a cute little pumpkin patch!) or you could start planning the timeline of when you will start removing certain plants from your garden in preparation for the colder months.

Remember why you love gardening in the first place

This may seem simple, but remember that gardening is supposed to be a fun and relaxing hobby, not a cause for stress or concern! It can be so easy to let gardening feel like “Just another chore” but remember the reason that you began cultivating your outdoor space in the first place: to grow your own food, have your favourite flowers nearby, and have some time to yourself where you can relax and unwind!

We hope that this blog post has reinspired you a little bit to give back into the garden! Here are Cedar Planters we are staying motivated by harvesting our home-grown vegetables at least once a week and ensuring that we water our raised garden beds at least a little bit every day, and honestly just this twenty minute period a day gives us a lovely little boost of serotonin.

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