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Why We Should Love The Rain

By Victoria Fuller

This week’s rains may have left a damper on the beginning of the week (hi-oh!) but we just wanted to spread a little support and cheer for this well-needed (albeit brief) change of weather! So with this in mind we just wanted to give a little shout out to the sky (Thank you sky!) and give you a few little tidbits of information about the benefits of rainwater (you are going to be a HIT at your next party with these fun facts):

  • Rainwater actually contains more oxygen than regular tap or hose-water and thus helps your plants grow and thrive!
  • Nitrogen contained within rainwater is the main reason that your plants look so green and happy after a good rainfall.

  • Carbon Dioxide that is brought back down to earth through rain water contains essential nutrients to help your soil, many of these important nutrients are only released in this exact way.
  • Rainwater falls more uniformly over your outdoor space meaning that “no plant gets left behind!” Tap-water contains mainly chemicals that plants simply do NOT gel with, special mentions for chlorine, sodium, and fluoride. These chemicals are there for a reason whether it be disinfectant, helping prevent cavities, the list goes on and on, they simply are not great additions for the health of our plants. If sodium reaches the ground this can also be harmful for your soil, and damaged soil = unhappy plants.

  • A rain barrel is a fantastic option for collecting run-off rainwater from your roof during heavy rainfalls for you to use on your lawns and plants at a later date! This is a fantastic option not only for the environment but for your wallet as well! Why pay for water when it falls from the sky for free?

When all is said and done, tap water is of course better than NO water when it comes to your plants, but just remember that after a period of natural rainwater, your plants are getting the essential nutrients that they truly need and they likely won’t need some of our chemical-filled tap water for a little while! So unless you live in a desert state or your area has recently undergone a drought, remember that rainwater is the best water for your plants, and although tap water isn’t quite as bad as perhaps we are alluding to, try to only use it when truly necessary!

Happy watering! Sky or otherwise!

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